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Var uskolerte, frikirkelige misjonærer bedre enn sitt rykte? Kinamisjonær Anne Skollenborg fra Vegårdshei – et typisk eksempel?

Ingrid Eskilt


Free Church Missionaries better than their Reputation? Anne Skollenborg, a Missionary to China, a typical Example?

Anne Skollenborg from Southern Norway was a missionary in China, mostly in the western province of Gansu, from 1902 to 1938. She was sent by an independent revival church in Norway ( Guds Menighet på Vegårshei) but served all her years in China in the Swedish section of The Scandinavian Alliance Mission, founded by its Swedish-American Mission director Fredrik Franson (1852-1908) in 1891. The leader of China Inland Mission, James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905), sent out in 1890 a cry for 1000 missionaries to China. Franson felt called to send 200 candidates, who he recruited among young Scandinavians from both sides of the Atlantic. He gathered large numbers of people on his rallies where he told about the needs in China. He had evangelistic training courses for 2-4 weeks for those who were willing to go to China. Franson collaborated with another mission agency: The International Missionary Alliance founded of A.B. Simpson. Franson found and trained the candidates and Simpson took care of the financial part. During few months Franson had gathered, trained and sent several tens of young Scandinavians to Shanghai. Franson was strongly criticized, primarily by the academic missionary elite for his «mass-exportation» of young and uneducated missionaries to China. Anne Skollenborg was one of the many who were recruited by Franson and in many ways she was a typical representative for the candidates Franson sent to China. Skollenborg worked among the poorer and illiterate Chinese. The receivers of her service both in words and deeds were most of all illiterate women. Skollenborg served successfully in one of the most remote areas of China for 36 years which proves that the critics of Franson failed concerning her and many of her colleagues’ service in China. The primary sources to Skollenborg’s life have been letters written to church members in her home church, and the church magazine Kristelig Budbringer.



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