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Uro i åndenes verden-uro i kirken: En kvalitativ undersøkelse av presters erfaringer og refleksjoner i møte med nyåndelige erfaringer

Yngve J. Sagedal


Disturbance in the Spirit World- Disquiet in the Church:
A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences and Reflections of Pastors in the Church of Norway on Encounters with New Spirituality Experiences. 

Pastors in the Church of Norway, because of their broad contact with people in occasional offices, stands out as a group in Norwegian society that  have opportunities to capture new folk religiosity and new spirituality concepts and experiences. The article analyses how, and in which contexts, pastors capture and reflects on these new spiritual currents. How do they interpret and reflects on the encounters with people’s spiritual experiences?  Can we, from their experiences ? Can we, from their experiences, gain new information on contemporary folk religiosity?  What kind of perspectives and challenges do their encounters with the contemporary folk religiosity marked by the new spirituality ideas- and their reflections on it- provide for the Church of Norway? The study is  based on an investigation done among pastors in two deanieries in the Church of Norway. It uncovers that the most common phenomena experienced by people are «different encounters with dead persons» and «spiritual disturbance in the house». The survey also contributes to a shift in focus from ecclesiastical rejection of such phenomena to ecclesiastical self-criticism.


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