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Retreat i fengsel - et sakrament som virker?

Martit Skartveit

English Abstract

“Retreat in Prison: A Sacrament that Works?”

The essay presents the annual 21 day long silent retreat for inmates in Halden prison in relation to three theories. First, Erving Goffman’s theory of processes of mortification in total institutions. Thereafter a theory of Michel Foucault: Heterotopias in the perspective of change. The last part of the article is given to the Salvation Army`s theological teaching about the sacramental community, which works healing and freedom in those who participates and are open to be transformed. These theories are used together with research that is done on the retreat. This research consists of interviews of the retreat participants and reflections upon their experiences. The method of conversation between several different sources is used to examine the assertion that the retreat in Halden can become a place for deep personal change and transformation of human lives.

Søkeord: Retreat – Halden prison – sacramental community – transformation, Salvation Army – Veronica Orderud – Inger Marie Fridhov.


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