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Religionsfriheden er ikke længre hvad den en gang var

Carsten Peter Elmelund

English Abstract

Freedom of religion is part of Christian mission as a fundamental condition. Freedom to change religion should be a right for all people. Freedom of religion is threatened by atheism in the western world and of alternative human rights declarations elsewhere. Christian mission meets resistance especially in Muslim countries. Some statements in the Quran show some misunderstandings of Christianity. Some statements from the Medina-sections are potentially violent. The Muslim Human Rights Declaration from Cairo in 1990 is based on Sharia. In the Islamist version of Islam, where violence is justified religiously, is the prospect for Christians to become Martyrs if they do not convert to Islam.

Søkeord: Religionsfrihed – mission – menneskerettighedserklæringer – onde handlingsforskrifter – islamisme – konversioner.


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