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Religiøst fredsarbeid i Jerusalem – i møte med vestlige kristne

Yvonne Margaretha Wang


Religious Peace Work in Jerusalem – and Its Encounter with Western Christians

This paper explores Western Christians’ encounter with different strategies taken in religious peace work in Jerusalem. As a case study the paper presents two religious organizations engaged in peacebuilding among Christians in Jerusalem and explores different strategies utilized. The first organization is Sabeel, which represent the Christian minority. The second organization is Jerusalem Center for Jewish Christian Relations, which represent the Israeli Jewish majority. A central issue of the relations between minorities and majorities changes when Western Christians give their support to one kind of strategy (the Palestinian) and condemn the other (the Jewish), turning the Christians into a majority. The paper further argues that each strategy isolated possesses a danger of going wrong, at the same time as each strategy is vital as a parallel process along with the other strategy – to achieve the goal of conflict transformation.


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