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Povel Resen og tidlig norsk misjon blant samene

Marghrethe Løøv

English Abstract

Povel Resen and early mission among the Samis in Norway

On 10 February 1706 a young theologian named Povel Resen set out on a journey to report on the political and religious state of affairs in the High North. Resen was particularly instructed by king Frederick IV to inform himself about the conditions among the indigenous Sami populations. After a journey that lasted fourteen months, Resen submitted six reports to the king in Copenhagen. In these he lamented the religious state of the Samis. According to Resen «old idolatry» and «superstitious remains» were still to be found among the natives. Their Christianity was «so poor that it easily can be said to be heathen». Resen found the church to be much better organised on the Swedish side of the vague geopolitical frontier, and the Christianisation of the Samis accordingly more advanced. Resen also made several suggestions on how the future missionary activity among the Samis could be organised. Many of these suggestions would be implemented after the mission among the Samis was formally launched in 1716. As one of the first systematic attempts to report on ecclesiastical matters in the High North, and one of the seminal sources for the subsequent mission, Resen’s reports constitute valuable sources for the missionary history of the Samis.

Søkeord: Resen – samer – misjon – Finnmark – fellesområder – Frederik IV –Danmark-Norge – nordområdene


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