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Opplevelse, dannelse og misjonspraksis – korttidsmisjon fra Norge

Robert Lilleaasen og Ingebjørg Nandrup

English Abstract:

In this article entitled «Experience, formation and mission practice – short term mission from Norway» the writers investigate short term mission from Norway as it is described and introduced by three mission organizations. As such, the material consists of official documents, marketing and self-presentation from three Norwegian mission organizations. The article displays how short-term mission is introduced; furthermore it investigates the various purposes short term-mission serves according to the material from the organizations. The article argues short-term mission from Norway is a complex phenomenon that consists of both very different and partly overlapping practices. The three main purposes that the short-term mission practices serve are experience, formation and mission-practice. Further, the article shows how the model of stratified involvement can help understand the expectations to and results of STM.

Korttidsmisjon, Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband, Normisjon, opplevelse, dannelse, misjonspraksis.


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