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Nyplanteringsarbete i EFS och betydelsen av legitimitet och strukturellt stöd

Klas Lundström

English Abstract:
This article is a study of the Swedish Evangelical Mission Society (EFS) and its initiatives to start new expressions of church from 2003 and onwards. The methods of the study were interviews and different types of written materials. The study showed that EFS developed a number of new programs in order to support the new church plants. Altogether, some 40 «new plants» started until 2018. Further initiatives were the «Mission in Sweden-conferences» and the project «New Ways to be Church», both which aimed to inspire the Church of Sweden for mission. The study emphasises the importance of legitimacy and structural support from a central organisation.

Sökord/Keywords: Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsen – Svenska kyrkan – nyplantering – nytt sätt att vara kyrka – Mission i Sverige-konferens – legitimet – strukturellt stöd – lokalt samarbete/ Swedish Evangelical Mission Society – Church of Sweden – new plants – new expressions of Church – mission in Sweden-conferences – legitimacy – structural support – local cooperation.


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