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Norske misjonsorganisasjoners miljøarbeid -hva skjer?

Hans Morten Haugen


Norwegian Mission Organizations' Environmental Work- What Happens ?

Embedded in three approaches to Christianity and environment, ecojustice, Christian stewardship and ecological spirituality, the article analyzes three dimensions of Norwegian mission organizations’ work: project implementation, advocacy and theological renewal. Based on a questionnaire filled in by ten of the mission organizations’ head of international programs, the article finds that there are some changes. As concerns project implementation, no substantive changes are reported, and it is too early to assess the outcomes of the ongoing «Environmental Competence Building Program Program for Diakonia and Development», which formally comprises only three of the mission organizations. In the realm of advocacy, the support from several mission organizations as well as the three umbrella organizations for the «Climate Election 2013», and the mission organizations’ higher visibility on environmental issues in the public domain indicate a higher awareness. On theological renewal, there is a perception at the head office in the mission organizations that there is an adequate reception of new theology, but this does not necessarily apply to the perceptions among the ordinary members in Norway and among members of the partner churches abroad.



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