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Norsk råd for misjon og evangelisering. Misjonsstatistikk 2001

Rolf Kjøde og Darryl Krause

English Summary:

Norwegian Council for Mission and Evangelism. Mission statistics 2001
The annual statistics from Norwegian Council for Mission and Evangelism (NORME; former Norwegian Missionary Council) 2001 is the fifth in a row based on the same kind of statistical questionnaire.This makes it possible to look for and comment on trends in the development of Norwegian missions. In terms of economy there has been a minor, steady growth which exceeds inflation in Norway over the period. Most of this, however, seems to result from increased governmental support for various kinds of development projects.The number of missionaries, 759 in 2001, has been fairly constant over the period. As for types of activity there are changes that seem to indicate that a missional paradigm based on partnership with local churches tends to overtake a more traditional and missionary oriented one.This fact together with increased difficulties related to a traditional understanding of "foreign mission" necessitate a search for new and more adequate ways to establish relevant and meaningful missionary statistics.  NORME will have to work on this in the time to come.



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