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Norsk misjon ved århundreskiftet: hvem, hva, hvor, hvor mye? Årsstatistikk 1999 fra Norsk Misjonsråd

Darryl Krause

English Summary:

Norwegian Missions at the Turn of the Century: Who, what, where, how much?  A presentation of findings from the Norwegian Missionary Council's annual statistics for 1999.

The efforts of the member organisations are detailed in the form of graphs, tables and supplementary comments. The article concludes with a list of some of the specific people groups that the organisations are working among. The limitations of the statistics are also addressed. The material gives an analysis of the resources expended, in terms of the two main indicators of number of missionaries on the field and amount of finances. A comparative analysis of results achieved is precluded by the vast variety of types of work carried out by the member organisations. Missionary efforts of organisations and congregations not linked to the Norwegian Missionary Council are not included. Due to changes in definitions in 1996 and 1997, it is only possible to evaluate trends based on the last three yeas of activity. The general situation apperaed to be stable (with only a minor increase in number of missionaries and finances involved), yet not static (there were indications of a shift towards the 10/40 Window). In summary, 26 member organisations registered activity in at least 100 nations. 786 missionaries were registered as "on the field" at 31/12/99 and approximately 353 million NOK (Norwegian Kroner) were used in the field work, with about 113 million NOK of these funds coming from the Norwegian State.


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