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Norsk misjon i Andes. Et interkulturelt møte mellom nordmenn og urbefolkning

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Norwegian mission work in an Andean culture. A mutual intercultural experience 

The article looks into challenges in the intercultural meeting between worldviews and cultures focusing on the intercultural meeting between Norwegian missionaries and indigenous people of Cañar based on Øyvind Dahl’s culture filter model for intercultural communication. The indigenous Lutheran church in Cañar, Ecuador is a result of missionary work of Norwegian missionaries that arrived to the area in the 1970s when the area was closed to strangers and foreigners. Several evangelical missions had tried to reach the Kichwas, but had to leave because of strong opposition.
The Norwegian missionaries initiated the work by building confidence through doing diaconal work, in the beginning by a mobile health-service later by literacy work, local radio programming, scholarship to high school students and a farming project. After a few years converts established local congregations and after more than 40 years of work in the area, the last Norwegian missionary left the country. The focus in the article is the Norwegian missions work in Cañar and the relationship between Norwegian missionaries and indigenous people.



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