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Misjonal hermeneutikk

Knut Kåre Kirkholm

English Abstract:

This article presents and addresses an ongoing academic discussion on missional hermeneutics. Since 2002 the Gospel and Our Culture Network (GOCN) has met for annual forum meetings discussing this issue and trying to clarify and define what is meant by missional hermeneutics. Through this work five different streams of thought have been identified and these five are presented in this article with some critical remarks: (1) The Bible tells the story about God’s mission (missio Dei). (2) The Bible forms and equips God’s people for mission. (3) The Bible should be read and interpreted as a document written by people engaged in the missio Dei and for people who today are in missional contexts (the missional locatedness of both author and reader). (4) The Bible itself gives us the method for how we can relate its message to a new cultural and religious context. (5) The Bible should be read cross-culturally, i.e. together with the culturally and socially ‘other.’

Søkeord: Misjonal hermeneutikk, Bibelen, bibeltolkning, The Gospel and Our Culture Network.


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