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Misjon, familie, ekteskap og rase – Anna Jakobsen Cheng og China Inland Mission

Marte Lægreid Nesse

English Abstract.

Anna Jakobsen Cheng (1860-1911) is known in missionary literature as one of the two first single women from Norway to take up missionary work in China, but there is more to her story. She also married a Chinese convert named Cheng Xiuqi and as a consequence, she was ostracised from The China Inland Mission, the missionary organisation she had belonged to for 11 years. In addition, she and her husband started their own missionary organisation in 1899 named “Anna Cheng’s Mission”. Anna Jakobsen Cheng’s life story is fascinating but also presents challenges as to how one can understand her experiences. The Missionary family concept, developed by historian Emily J. Manktelow, is a newer analytic concept that aims at revealing the complexities of mission history. By studying Anna Jakobsen Cheng’s personal relationships in the framework of missionary families and how these connected her to a global mission family we gain new insight to her particular life experiences and to mission history in general.

Nøkkelord: Anna Jakobsen Cheng, misjonsfamilie, misjonshistorie, kvinne- og kjønnshistorie, rase, ekteskap.



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