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Mellom Dialog og Identitet - Pave Frans om kirkens møte med miljøutfordringene

Knut Alfsvåg

English Abstract

Between Dialogue and Identity

Pope Francis on the Church’s Relation to the Environmental Challenges. In 2015 Pope Francis published the encyclica Laudato Si, which discusses the challenges related to ecology and climate change. The pope maintains that the present crisis is created by what he calls the technological paradigm, according to which all problems are supposed to have technological solutions. The alternative the pope finds in the gospel of creation, which he develops as a rationally founded natural theology. This creates a tension between the rationality of modernity and the pope’s equally rational natural theology. Still, the pope is able to show how the Christian church can have a relevant voice in the current debate while still leaving the concrete solutions to the politicians.

Søkeord: Pave Frans – Laudato Si – miljøproblemet – Romano Guardini – det teknologiske paradigme – naturlig teologi – kirke og politikk


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