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Malaysias kristne i spenningsfeltet mellom religionsfrihet og offentlige restriksjoner

Levi Eidhamar

English Abstract

Malaysian Christians in tension between religious freedom and public restrictions. Christians make up almost 10% of the population in the Muslim nation of Malaysia. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, while evangelization towards Muslims is forbidden. Like the other religious minorities, the Christians experience certain restrictions in their religious practice. The Christians disagree internally regarding which strategy to choose towards the political authorities. The majority supports a proactive line combining claims of constitutional rights with Christian ideals of peace and reconciliation. A minority supports a strategy of obeying the demands of the authorities based on Biblical ideals of peacemaking and willingness to endure injustice. Finally, the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Malaysia is analyzed based on Social Identity Theory and Social Dominance Theory.

Kristne i Malaysia, religionsfrihet, konvertering, islamisering, Social Identity Theory, Social Dominance Theory


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