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KV-dokumentet Kirken -på vei mot en felles visjon-hvordan er det blitt mottatt og behandlet i Norge?

Beate Fagerli

The WCC-document  The Church: Towards a Common Vision:  Reception and treatment in Norway
The article discusses parts of the reception process of the WCC document «The Church – Towards a Common Vision» (“The Church”) in Norway. It compares two draft responses to “The Church”, one by Church of Norway, a WCC member church, the other by the Norwegian Theological Dialogue Forum (Christian Council of Norway), an ecumenical body associated to the WCC. Some interesting differences emerge regarding the ecclesiological understanding expressed in “The Church”. The ecumenical forum finds the understanding of what constitutes the church too exclusive, as it highlights the role of the sacraments. The Church of Norway seems to find it too wide, because it does not explore the sacraments thoroughly enough. The connection between unity and diversity made in “The Church”, as well as the connection between what the church is and what it does, is appreciated. The last point could have been further explored, since it has much to do with a missional understanding of the church. A comparison with the WCC-document “Together Towards Life” indicates that the latter integrates a holistic understanding of mission into the very essence of being church. The two responses differ in their view on how “The Church” treats the concept of sin and eschatological questions, perhaps a challenge for the ecumenical dialogue in Norway.


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