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Koinonia og Missio Dei: Felles tråder i Sammen på vei mot livet og Kirken - på vei mot en felles visjon

Knud Jørgensen

English Summary:
Koinonia and missio Dei: Common Threads in Together Towards Life and The Church: Towards a Common Vision
The article looks at the two documents from Faith & Order and Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) from 2012 as fraternal twins, unlike their predecessors from 1982 Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry and Mission and Evangelism: An Ecumenical Affirmation. There are similarities in their background and history of origin, but the bonds are primarily their use of koinonia and missio Dei to describe the essence of church and mission. This results in a growing convergence and a new dynamic understanding of church and mission. The article also gives introductions to both documents and compares them with The Cape Town Commitment and Evangelii Gaudium.


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