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Kirkelandskapet i Norge i endring - utfordringer til Den norske kirke

Erling Birkedal og Turid Skorpe Lannem

English Abstract:

The religious scene in Norway undergoes changes. Since 2012 the majority church, The Church of Norway, is no longer a state church. Still, nearly 70 % of the population are members of the church (of Lutheran Confession). However, both secularization and migration are causing changes in the Religious Norwegian landscape. This article describes current changes and challenges from the perspective of The Church of Norway, and it seeks to analyse and discuss the relationship between The Church of Norway and Christian organisations and churches including so called migrant churches. The main question is: How can The Church of Norway relate to churches and congregations other than the regular parish churches? The article asks whether «diversity competence» («mangfoldskompetanse») will enable the Church leaders to both draw on insights from the church’s two hundred years of relationship with the lay movement/mission movement, and from the global church through people moving to Norway from all over the world.

Søkeord/Keywords: Den norske kirke – folkekirke – kirkelandskap – menigheter – migrantmenigheter / Church of Norway – Norwegian folk church – diverse church-laymovement – congregations – migrant churches – global church.


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