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Kart og landskap, en prosess-beskrivelse av oppstarten av NLM sitt arbeid i Mali med fokus på metodevalg

Mons Gunnar Selstø

English Abstract.

Map and Landscape, a processual description of the establishment of NLMs work in Mali with focus on the choice of methods

In this article, I describe how NLM engaged in the task of establishing a new ministry in Mali. I focus on the methods chosen to introduce the mission and its message in a cultural sensitive way. I have shown how we elaborated a strategy of instant empowerment of the seekers. The article starts with a draft of the phase of preparation for the ministry. Before I describe the application of the methods, I share some experiences from our approach, and emphasize that the actual ministry is still a work in progress adapting to the context as it is growing. My purpose is to share the experience that attitude and methodical approach is important, alongside cultural knowledge and theological insights in establishing a new ministry.



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