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Inspirasjon, samarbeid og innflytelse Et transnasjonalt perspektiv på Lærernes Misjonsforbund (LMF) i Norden 1899-2017

Seija Jalagin og Karina Hestad Skeie

English Abstract.

This article discusses the multifaceted changes the Nordic teachers’ mission associations (LMF) have undergone during their more than one hundred years of history, and considers the challenges these associations are facing today. Particular attention is given to transnational networking and the national underpinnings the associations’ cross-border activities are based upon. In comparing the development and agendas of the Nordic LMFs, the authors analyse the similarities, differences and connections of these sister organizations. Even though all five extant associations (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland) are considered, the main emphasis is on the Norwegian and Finnish associations, currently the largest. The article is based on resources found in the archives of the Norwegian and Finnish LMF associations, previously published materials, select interviews with current leaders as well as statistical information gathered by the associations. One of the main foci was the way in which gender dynamics manifested in the associations’ multilayered national and transnational networks. While the Scandinavian LMFs were originally conceived as women-only organisations, LMF Finland was founded as an association gathering both men and women. Today, all LMF associations are comprised of female and male members. Furthermore, the investigation concludes that today, all face decreasing numbers and aging membership. Yet, despite the national focus of LMF associations, they have generated and maintained far-flung networks with missionaries across the globe as well as with other Christian organisations.

Søkeord: Lærernes Misjonsforbund – LMF, Nordisk – Skandinavisk – transnasjonale nettverk – kjønn – utdanning


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