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Hvem er Jesus Kristus?: Misjonsteologiske refleksjoner etter den nordiske systematikkkonferansen i Åbo, 11-14 januar 2001

Knut Alfsvåg


Who is Jesus Christ? Missiological reflections on the Nordic Conference on Systematic Theology, Abo, Finland, 11-14 January 2001.
The main lectures on the conference discussed the so-called third quest for the historical Jesus, the relation between ecclesiology and ethics, Jesus as presented in various movies, the relation between resurrection, incarnation and metaphysics, and newer discussions of the doctrine of atonement. In addition, doctoral students presented their projects in smaller groups. Of these, only one, an investigation of the theological interpretations of Islam by Kenneth Cragg and Wilfred Cantwell Smith, was explicitly missiological in nature. The critical discussion of the conference focuses on the fact that the main lectures more or less explicitly presupposed the religious situation in Scandinavia with relatively strong state supported churches within a secularized society. A more conscious reflection on the church's situation within a global context would probably have led to a more meaningful and stimulating struggle with the question of what is really crucial for church and theology in today's world of interreligious encounters.


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