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Fra vækkelse til karismatisk fornyelse – et studie af karismatiseringen af den østafrikanske vækkelse i Tanzania

René Sølvsten Nissen

English Abstract:

The journey from Revival to Charismatic Renewal – A study of the Charismaticisation of the East African Revival in Tanzania
The East African Revival (EAR) is one of the most influential movements in African Christianity in the 19th century and onwards and it has left remarkable traces on both church, mission and society in all parts of Eastern Africa. In the last few decades, the EAR in Tanzania has come under influence of the charismatic renewal. An important question stands out: What is the theological relationship between the EAR and the Charismatic Renewal in Tanzania, and how is it expressed in a movement like New Life in Christ (NLC) – a current version of the EAR in Tanzania? Qualitative interviews indicate that NLC is more charismatic than its original predecessor both in theology and in expression of faith. They practice speaking in tongues and are open to healing and deliverance. However, members of NLC are still attending historical/mainline churches. There are tangible traces from the EAR such as focus on Christ-centered teachings, evangelism/mission, ecumenicalism and diaconal work. Furthermore, NLC has a skeptical attitude towards Neo-Pentecostalism (NPC).
Despite of charismatic influence New Life in Christ contains visible and tangible traces from EAR clarified in a strong revival identity and theology. From a theological perspective, it is functioning as a critique to NPC and positioning itself as a quantitatively and qualitatively different alternative.

Afrikansk kristendom, karismatisk kristendom, den østafrikanske vækkelse, New Life in Christ.


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