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Film og barmhjertighet

Hallgeir Skretting

English Abstract:

Film and mercy
For nearly 150 years, the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) sent missionaries to Madagascar. The Norwegian missionaries in Madagascar ran one of the biggest leper colonies in the world with nearly one thousand patients. NMS produced many documentary and fiction films from several of its mission fields from 1938 to 1968. More than one hundred thousand people a year saw these films from the middle of the 1950`s to the middle of the 1960`s, and in 1957 the audience peaked with more than hundred and fifty thousand viewers. One of the most important missionary films deals with the leper colony of Mangarano. A conflict between the missionary filmmaker and the leader of the film department in Stavanger delayed this film and almost ruined missionary film work in Madagascar. NMS defined the three main goals for missionary films: stimulating interest in missionary activities, thereby raising more money from supporters to expand missionary work among the “heathens”, as well as recruiting new missionaries. This article will examine these goals to see how this particular film from Mangarano fulfilled them.

Søkeord :
Misjonsfilm – spedalskhet – lepra – Mangarano – missionary film – leprosy


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