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Er norsk misjon fortsatt liv laga? Norsk misjonsengasjement og vegen vidare

Kjetil Aano


Is Norwegian Missionary Activity Still Viable? Norwegian Missionary Commitment and the Way Ahead.

In this article I try to reflect on the status of Norwegian missionary activity. The background of the reflections is a significant fall in the number of foreign missionaries from Norway. I argue that these changes in do not signify the end of Norwegian participation in the world of global mission. But I suggest that we are facing substantial changes in the way we do our part. In the first part of the article I draw attention to what one may call different mission paradigms that we can detect through the history of the Christian church. In the second part of the article I try to apply insights from these paradigms on our current situation, and suggest that the way forward lies in combining a will to continuity with an ability to accept change not as a threat but as a modus vivendi.


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