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Den messianske bevægelse i Israel- et forsigtig blik

David Serner

English Abstract:

The Messianic Movement in Israel – a Preliminary View
The article presents some preliminary findings of the Caspari Center’s survey that are still undergoing. The article presents and discusses some of the differences with the recent study from Israel College of the Bible (ICB) and tries to explain why that is. The Survey has found nearly 7800 messianic believers in Israel spread over 145 different entities and expects to find about 50–80 more congregations and house groups before concluding the survey which has 2 phases. Phase 1 is to interview all the congregational leaders in the land about their congregation(s) and phase 2 is an online survey of at least 500 participants. The questions asked to the leaders include history, numbers, theology, languages spoken, activities, opposition, membership decrease/increase, networks, structure, and leadership. This article will focus on numbers, languages spoken and a little bit of opposition in relation to ICB’s survey. The article concludes that even though the numbers are increasing the local messianic movement in Israel still needs involvement of foreign agencies before it can become a self-sustaining and completely independent local anchored entity.

Messianic Jews – Jewish believers in Jesus – the messianic movement – Erez Soref – ICB – Mishkan/ Messianske jøder – Jesus-troende jøder – den messianske bevægelse.


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