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Den lutherske Verdensforbunds Kina-studieprogram

Andreas Aarflot

English Abstract

The China-Study Project of the Lutheran World Federation

The establishment of the People’s Republic of China under the leadership of Mao Tsetung left the world in awe and astonishment at the achievements in social, economic and political stability of the vast nation in the East. The Marxist ideas underlying the concept of «the New China» were widespread in many parts of the world, and the churches were forced to reconsider the role of their mission to a nation that had developed idealistic values similar to those which were part of the Christian message. Was it possible to see the positive results of the Chinese revolution as signs of God’s active work in history? The China-Study-project of the Lutheran World Federation dealt with this and other questions arising from the new interest in the impact of ideology in relation to an inherited Christian world view.

Søkeord: Misjon – marxisme – ekklesiologi – økumenikk – Det lutherske Verdensforbund (LVF)


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