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Den jødiske Jesus og spørsmålet om antisemittisme i tysk jødemisjon

Hilde Brekke Møller

English Abstract:

«The Jewish Jesus and the Question of Anti-Semitism in the German Mission to the Jews».
Franz Delitzsch, Hermann L. Strack, Paul Billerbeck, and Gustaf Dalman promoted philo-Semitism into a largely anti-Semitic Germany. This article illustrates how these prominent figures of the German mission to the Jews of the late 19th century to the early 20th century construed a Jewish Jesus, in sharp contrast to leading constructions of Jesus at the time. While it would take almost half a century before mainstream Jesus research would actively leave its anti-Semitic attitudes and embrace similar rhetoric, their Jewish Jesus has arguably influenced many contexts, as their books and journals were read by laymen and scholars from various European countries. However, their works appear not to have affected mainstream research directly, and their alleged philo-semite sentiments have often been interpreted as straight out anti-Semitism. This article discusses this labelling, and uses the concept of allo-Semitism to nuance the debate.

Jesus – mission to the Jews – philo-semitism – anti-semitism – allo-semitism– Delitzsch –  Strack – Billerbeck – Dalman/ Jesus – jødemisjon – filosemittisme – antisemittisme – antisemittisme – allosemittisme.



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