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Danske og/eller engelske tilstander? Handlingsalternativer for utviklingen av nye typer menigheter i Den norske kirke

Knut Tveitereid

English Abstract:
In the debate on new types of congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway, the Danish phenomenon of valgmenigheder (congregations of choice) and the English phenomenon of Fresh expression of Church are occasionally talked about as one and the same. Through an analysis of the existing empirical research on new types of congregations in the two countries, this article identifies a series of differences between them. The Norwegian debate has up to this point predominantely followed the path of the Danish valgmenigheter. Based on these findings, however, the article asks – rather rhetorically, I must admit – whether there is more to learn for The church of Norway about new types of churches in the steps of the Brits.

Søkeord: Frimenigheter – valgmenigheter – Fresh Expressions of Church – Den norske kirke – Den danske kirke – folkekirken – Church of England


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