Du er her

The appropriation by a Congolese Pentecostal Church of the legacy of the vision and practices of a Norwegian Pentecostal Mission

Yves Mulume

English Abstract:

This article identifies some major aspects of the missionary vision and practices of the Norwegian Pentecostal Mission. We summarize them in the triad pneumatology (the central role attributed to the Holy Spirit), church-centred mission and the importance of education and training. We then show how this has been contextually appropriated by the Congolese Christians, thus showing their contributions to the work of the Norwegian missionaries until 1960 and some later implications of that legacy in the independent denomination that emerged from the Norwegian mission under the present name of Communauté des Églises libres de Pentecôte en Afrique (Association of Free Pentecostal Churches in Africa) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An important part of that legacy is the missionary expansion to other parts of Congo and to other countries in Africa.

Keywords: Mission – Church – Norway – Congo – Pentecostalism




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