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Alternativa församlingar i Finland och deras relation till den evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland

Sixten Ekstrand

English Abstract:
This study is an empirical analysis of different kinds of alternative worship communities and congregations in Finland. The study brings into focus, on the one hand the development of this type of movements, and on the other hand, the relation between these worship communities/congregations and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Finland. Through a couple of case-studies, the study tries to give a more comprehensive picture of these activities. The results of the study show that alternative worship communities and congregations, though they have different backgrounds, often are characterized by an organic ecclesiology with pastors and members of the congregation in close co-operation. They also have a missiologic approach with a focus on evangelisation. A strong and close fellowship and shared values could also be noticed as important for these groups. The worship communities and congregations which have been analysed, were formed by an attitude of contextualisation and inculturation especially noticed in the music used in the worship communities and in the way the traditional Christian gospel was preached in new settings.

Sökord: alternativa församlingar – gudstjänstgemenskap – gudstjänstutveckling – evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland.


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