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«Urskogens jazzmusikk».Om framstillinger av hedenskap og musikk i misjonslitteratur fra NLM sin virksomhet i Sør-Etiopia

Anne Murstad


«Jazz music of the jungle». On portrayals of heathendom and music in missionary literature from NLM’s work in Southern Ethiopia.

This article deals with missionary literature related to the activities of NLM (Norwegian Lutheran Mission) in Southern Ethiopia in the 1950s and 1960s. How does this literature portray local cultural expressions involving music and dance, such as religious practice and funeral rites, and how can these representations be understood? The article argues that descriptions of local music are dominated by stereotypical and circular images, and that the mission organisations used this evocative imagery in order to raise attention and support. Among the most frequently used literary images is the trolltromme, or «heathen drum». The article also briefly looks at how the missionaries’ own musical practice is ascribed a role in converting the local population.
Søkeord: Sør-Etiopia, NLM, misjonslitteratur, hedenskap, musikk, tromme.


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