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«Herren er stor, ut over Israels grenser»: Relevansen av profetenes domsord mot fremmede folkeslag for misjonsteologien

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Søkeord: Folkeorakler, profeter, folkeslagene, misjon
"The Lord is great beyond Israel’s borders”: The relevance of the prophetic oracles against the nations for missiology

The prophets’ oracles against the nations cover some 50 pages of the Bible, and yet they are rarely used or discussed in missiological literature. This article suggests that these oracles, which concern God’s relation to the nations, are relevant to Christian missiology. Most of the oracles describe God’s judgment upon the nations, since God holds all peoples accountable to him. However, other aspects are also discussed, such as creation theology, The first commandment, hubris, the nations’ relationships to Israel/Judah, God’s universal and sovereign rule, and God’s love for mankind.


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